Thursday, 1 October 2015

6 Helpful Blog Sites for a Student Enrolled in Mobile Repairing Institute

To become a successful mobile engineer, joining a mobile repairing institute in Azadpur, Model Town, Kingsway Camp or any other place is not enough. This technical field calls for intensive research and knowledge upgrades that can only be fulfilled if a student remains alert as what is happening in the industry.  Here, we bring to you the 6 helpful blog sites that are a good resource for covering informative blogs on mobile technology – repairing, news, updates and other things.
Mobile Repairing Institute in Azadpur
Technical Blogs

1.      Gizmag:

The site is a good resource for tech-based research and news that involves all the latest gadgets right from a mobile launch to a research on battery and other things. On the top-most left hand side, you will get the option for search where you can write the search query in any field. A student enrolled in mobile repairing institute can easily take help from this site and know the industry insights.

2.     PC World:

The name may give you a misconception that you may find news only related to PC that is personal computers, but this is wrong. PC world has different tabs for news, reviews, how–to, video, business, tablets, phones and much more. You can enter into any field based on your interest and can read the informative blogs.    

3.     TechNewsWorld:

Like, PC world, TechNewsWorld also have multiple options to search. However, the major difference is that it has a separate section by the name of Mobile Tech. To get more information, a student pursing a course from a reputed mobile repairing institute can directly go to the Tech Blog option.


It is one of the best technology related news websites. It covers topics such as “Help me Buy,” “Apps”, “Internet,” “Photos” and much more.  You can also search for the Top 10 mobile phones, digital cameras, PC components, printers, laptops, etc. In short, it is a complete hub for technical gadget related news. You can also subscribe for the regular newsletters.

5.     TechCourses4u.Blogpost:

Tech Courses 4u.Blogpost is the site popular among many students mobile repairing institute in Azadpur and other places located in Delhi. This course is quite specific for mobile related applications and the latest news. Each news or blogs covers detailed description according to the industry trends and updates.               

6.     In.Techradar:

It is one of widely followed technology related websites in the world. Techradar is known for its specialized contents on reviews, phones, TV, Cameras, Computing, Gaming, etc. Not even students but those who are interested to take admission in the reputed mobile repairing institute in Azadpur can follow the Tech Blogs. 

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