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Commonly used tools in chip level laptop repairing course

Repairing a laptop on a chip level requires a complete knowledge of laptop technology. The syllabus of laptop repairing course at chip level especially covers the motherboard section. This section is vast and requires a number of chip level basic tools to move ahead in the repairing process. In this blog, we will discuss commonly used tools in chip level laptop repairing.

laptop repairing course
Chip Level Basic Tools:

Since, it is a technical course, therefore, use of different tools and equipment is quite common. For ease, these tools fall under various categories:

  • Hardware Tools
  • Chip Level Repair Tools
  • Testing Tools/Equipment
  • Hardware Spares (Needed in Repairing Process)
  • Laptop Accessories
  • Advanced Tools and Machines

It is easy to remember the name, use, working and handling techniques of the tools if they are carefully segregated. In laptop repairing course, special classes are arranged to make the students familiar with all the tools.

 Soldering Iron:

laptop repairing course
It is used in the soldering process while repairing laptops. They came in various shapes and sizes in the market. It works as the heat giving tool that melts the solder and maintains the flow between two elements/work pieces. It has an insulated handle along with a metal tip that is heated (electrically). There are cordless irons also available in the market. They are extremely helpful in electronic components assembly or repairing.  

Magnifying Lens (Lamp):

Magnifying lens as the name suggest is used to see the things clearly while repairing the laptop sections. Normally, most of the technician in laptop repairing course use two type of magnifying lens/glass – one is small handheld and the second one has a headset with multi- LED lamp and 4 lenses which can be adjusted easily. The main motive of using these magnifying lenses is that people can easily see the components during repairing.

Heat Gun/Hot Air Gun:

The heat gun is having a shape of a gun and emits a powerful stream of hot air maximum up to 1400 degree Fahrenheit. A nozzle in the front directs the hot air, which can be controlled at different temperatures and airflow. Thes
e are often called as hot air station. The heat gun is normally used to de-solder the small electronic components or rework the SMD components in chip level laptop repairing course.

Liquid Flux:

Liquid flux smoothness the solder parts onto the pad areas. You will find this liquid in a bottle with dropper and as a pen applicator. It is better and safe to use pen style flux by first shaking it then dabbing it after which you have to apply it on the component. It is mostly used in the process of GPU re-flow in chip level laptop training.

The above tools are the basic tools used in chip level laptop repairing courses in Delhi. Apart from it, there are testing tools and advance tools that are important to complete the chip level troubleshooting. 

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