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5 Reasons to join Hi-Tech Mobile Repairing Course in Noida

Hi-Tech Mobile Repairing Course in (Noida) Uttar Pradesh

NOIDA – New Okhla Industrial Development Authority is one of the popular Delhi NCR regions that are hub of offices, residential area and service centers. When it comes to education courses choices one course that is attracting students living in NCR area is Hi-Tech mobile repairing course in Noida. The course name suggests that it is a technical type of training. However, the training is easy-to-learn for students, professionals and even shopkeepers who wish to learn about mobile phone repairing.

Reasons to join Mobile Course in Noida

Like other courses, mobile course also offers quick returns and it depends on the expertise of the students as what to learn and how to succeed in career. Read below and find 5 reasons to join Hi-Tech mobile repairing course in Noida:

Industrial Hub:

mobile repairing course in noida

The city is an industrial hub and occupied with offices, factories and other units. People often look for mobile services nearby. Students who know all about repairing the cell phones can easily provide services whether door-to-door or through shops. Many companies who work on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) also need experts who have completed mobile repairing course in Noida.

Number of Job Opportunities:

Not just the industrial hub factor, but mobile engineering jobs are in big numbers. Right from an executive level to Mobile app Development Company – all need support of expert mobile technician to handle working or operation of the mobile. A person can choose any type or specialty jobs based on area of expertise. 

Easy to start Business:

It is extremely easy to start personal business or take franchise for mobile repair centers. Hi-Tech mobile repairing course in Noida also help such students who want support at the initial level. The students can attend free seminars, workshop to gain knowledge as how to start earning in an easy way!

Quick Returns on Investments:

The mobile course offers quick returns on whatever a student invests during the course. One can earn double or even triple the course fee in the initial years. This course helps you to earn as much as you can. However, it will happen only if you are offering good mobile repair services to the customers. Mobile repairing course in Noida is also known for business assistance and placements.

Secure Career with Growth:

Students can secure their career through mobile technology courses since this industry needs technical expertise and strong marketing skills. There is no need to go and have advance level study for earning a good income.

In short, mobile repairing course in Noida is a specialized course that provide students self-employment even if they are not able to score good marks in their 10th and 12th.    

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Thursday, 29 October 2015

5 Reasons to Learn Mobile Repairing after 12th

Learn Mobile Repairing From Hi-Tech Institute

The entrant of mobile training courses in the education system is the reason why students are quite comfortable while choosing technical vocational courses. When it comes to jobs that interest students, mobile engineering, fashion designing and others scores well. In this article, 5 reasons to learn mobile repairing after 12th are covered through examples.

1. Mobile Servicing: Flexible & Growing

As per CAGR, the mobile industry is growing at the high rate of 30% since 1995. When we talk about mobile subscribers and services, we talk in millions units that is a big achievement. The need of repairing has been constantly increasing owing to Smartphone features that are dependent on technical back-up support. The data service features include several things for which it is important to learn mobile repairing.

2. Mobile Training: Trending Option for Students

mobile repairing

The other reason says that mobile training in Delhi is the trending option for students. After completing 10th or 12th, students often look forward for the career-oriented courses. The course is easy for students interested in engineering or any kind of electronic or electrical work. Also, in this course students can reap additional benefits inclusive of free personality develop classes, practical training with industry exposure. To learn mobile repairing is like getting a job-related training for a better future.

3. Career in Mobile Repairing: Professional with Wide Choices

It is true that a career in mobile repairing comes with professional wide choices in hand. Like other courses, which have sub-subjects to become specialists, mobile repair classes also offer a variety of options. You can choose to work as an OS repair engineer, mobile software repair head, or a complete service engineer. In short, if a student chooses to learn mobile repairing in Delhi than he can work on a particular field later and can easily achieve expertise in the same.

4. Future with Growth Opportunities:

Learn Mobile Repairing

Being a mobile engineer is great achievement, not because it is very difficult stream to choose but it comes with maximum growth opportunities. Just one course certification and your expertise in repairing can make you succeed from an executive to the department head level. If students learn mobile repairing, he has the freedom to start his own business at initial or a big level with less investment. Many students often take franchise of the mobile service centers and provide mobile services to the clients.

5. Investment for Lifetime Returns:

Mobile services calls for investment for lifetime returns. In India, a student had to invest a small amount that covers only the fees and basic requirements to start a business for their own purposes to make a career in mobile service industry. The industry of mobile service is wide and flourishing with a number of handsets and wireless communication. Hence, to learn mobile repairing course in India means that you are making your career and life secure.

Amongst the leading mobile repairing institutes, Hi-Techinstitute is one of the renowned institutes that offer mobile courses to the students within affordable prices. To know more about the institute keeps in touch with us through the blogs and informative articles.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The First Look of Sony Xperia Z5 & Xperia Z5 Premium

Sony Xperia Z5
Sony Xperia Z5 
The festive season in India will see two flagship devices – Sony Xperia Z5 and Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. The first one is Xperia Z5 is upgrade to Xperia Z3+, while Xperia Z5 premium is the world first ever Smartphone with a 4K display on it. The Xperia Z5 is priced at Rs. 52,990 and the other is at Rs. 62,990. To know more about the impression of the two phones refer to the following article.

Build & Design:
Sony Xperia Z5 Design
Sony Xperia Z5 Design

The same story with Sony design having boxy rectangular design with an engraved logo on the left hand side. It has a glossy glass back with an awesome matte appearance. More elegant is the cover of the Xperia Z5 premium Smartphone.

Check out the Display:

Sony Xperia Z5 Display
Sony Xperia Z5 Display 

The Z5 has 5.2 inch full HD IPS display along with the screen resistant coating (oleophobic).Powered by Sony’s X reality engine, the display looks great with viewing angles. On the other hand, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium has 5.5inch 4K display and can upscale look.

Chipset and RAM Storage:

Xperia X5 Premiums features Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and ha 3GB RAM & 32GB storage. You can increase storage by adding in MicroSD card. Although, heating of the phone is still a big problem for some.    

Camera Play:

Sony Xperia Z5 Camera 

Sony smartphones are known for their renowned Camera quality. It has sensors in the phones and with Sony Xperia premium; the company has added brand new 23 MP sensors. This means you can shoot around 4K videos as well, with 5 MP sensor in the front.


Sony Xperia Z5 Battery
Sony Xperia Z5 Battery  

The Xperia Z5 has 2930mAh battery and the premium has 3430mAh battery. The Premium Xperia claims to provide two days for battery life. Now, the question is that how people will review both the phones. 

Monday, 26 October 2015

Samsung Galaxy S7 coming soon in January

Smartphone may come in two versions – Premium & Sub Premium 

Samsung Galaxy S7 

According to the recent reports, Samsung Galaxy S7 will come in the coming January. It would come in two-processor versions- premium (with Exynos M1 processor) and Sub premium. In the Electronic Times News, the premium Samsung Galaxy S7 version will offer an important value for the enterprise buyers. It will have a better processing power for the support of all the background functions. The processing power will ultimately not “grind down” the performance, as per Phil Hochmuth, an analyst at Strategy Analytics.

The premium version will be the chosen by the corporate IT and telecom managers for CYOD (choose-your-own-device) programs. According to Hochmuth, Android and Samsung is looking to challenge Apple in the enterprise. There are several indications such as Samsung’s Knox security protections, Red Hat partnerships, 128-bit full disk encryption; all are the examples of how the Samsung is all set to compete with Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 
The up-coming launch is no doubt quite similar to the low cost iPhone along with high priced iPhones, released back in 2013. Although there is not much news available about the difference between the two phones but it is reported that the premium version features Exynos M1 and not the ARM core. 

The announcement will come in the month of January 2016, which is much earlier. For instance, the Galaxy S6 was released in the March this year. Further, the customers would love to see both Samsung and Apple in the battleground, bringing the best Smartphones in the industry.  

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Mobile Security: Secure Your Smartphone from Unwanted Access

We are dependent on our Smartphones but do forget where you have seen it last! At times, in meetings, parties or even in traffic we are always at the risk of losing our phone that is a real problem. So, the point is what to do to enhance the mobile security or to secure the Smartphone from unwanted access! Well, the first thing is that you can yourself do little things that will automatically restrict the other person from directly using the data.   

Mobile Security

Smartphone Security Tips:

You cannot wait until your phone is lost or snatched to use the security tips. It is better to take the measures much before that. We have put forth the two comprehensive services from Apple and Google, which are especially having security features, helpful on the phone lost.

For Android Phones:.

Android Security

Enable the Android Device Manager on your phone. It has certain helpful options that might help you to track the phone. For example, remotely locate this device, Allow remote lock and erase, scan for security threats, etc.

For Apple Phones:
 iPhone Security
 iPhone Security

Similarly, for Apple phones, you can switch to the iCloud option in which simply toggle-on Find My iPhone and Send my last location options.

The tools offered by both Apple and Android system offers a great security features. Apart from these, many Android Manufactures have their own Apps.

PIN or Finger Lock:

Finger LockGone are days, when you were unable to personalize your phone. Today, you can easily use a PIN code or a Finger Lock. Lock your screen so as nobody can have a direct access into your phone system. Although, these are not a permanent barriers but can stop the other person from using social networking and mail accounts without any hindrance! If you have a bad memory, use the code that is visible to you daily at your home, like the calendar year, your own house number, the first mobile number, etc.

The next thing is to add some of the emergency contacts to the phone screen list. You can go the owner security in the settings app on an Android phone for the same. By using the security settings like Find my iPhone and Android Device Manager you can block your phones by logging into the system from any other device be it a laptop, computer or a tabloid. Further, if you are too rigid to set up any security app then make sure that your social accounts are not sync with the phone or have tight security settings.

Must to Download- 5 Apps for Window 10 Smartphone Users

Monday, 19 October 2015

Must to Download- 5 Apps for Window 10 Smartphone Users


Every Smartphone user wants to experience something different on Windows 10. If you have recently purchased a mobile with Windows 10 OS then we have a list of 5 Apps- must to download.

  • iHeartRadio:

Really, it is one of the best streaming radio app. By downloading iHeartRadio you can listen to the live radio stations of the different countries. For all those you are still sticking to the older versions, better to switch to Windows 10 and enjoy live music. Enter the app through Facebook or mail and attend the live music attends.  

  • Adobe Photoshop Express:
Adobe Photoshop Express

Create, play, and enjoy the magic of Adobe Photoshop Express. It will take photo editing to the next level with easy to use features. More than that it has automatic fixtures and filters that makes it one of worth app for Window 10.

  • The Weather Channel:
The Weather Channel

Yes, it offers you personalized information regarding the weather and other things. You can know about the weather anytime and anywhere. Find the weather maps, conditions, and hourly updates. You can also customize alerts for rain, etc.

  • Netflix:

Enjoy the world’s TV subscription with Netflix. You can watch many TV episodes and movies at once. Within low monthly price, you can see all the TV programs on a variety of channel. In short, with Netflix is TV in your pocket.

  • Track Runner:
Track Runner

Are you a health freak? Track Runner is again one of the Best apps for Window 10 that do not compromise on tracking the runner’s record or details. The best thing is that it has no running ads or in-app purchases and is known for run centric features like GPS tracking, cardio map, adaptive interval training, etc.

Apart from the above, you can download other apps such as Dictionary – get instant language help, App locker – keep your privacy, QR Code reader – scanner, etc. For more details on the apps continue reading Hi-Tech blogs.

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Top 10 Reasons to Join Mobile Repairing Course in Nangloi

You can call it a dream to become the mobile genius, a hope for dropouts or a career saving platform- mobile repairing course in Nangloi is becoming popular in different ways. This course is easy short-term engineering diploma into mobile technology. There is no eligibility bar for a student that is why students, graduates, post-graduates, job seekers, professionals can do the course. To know more, find out the top 10 reasons to join mobile course in Nangloi, Delhi.

Mobile Repairing Course in Nangloi
Mobile Repairing Course in Nangloi
1.       Industry Based Training:

It is important to receive industry based training to know cell phone engineers actually works? If a student is pursuing mobile repairing course in Nangloi then he will get to know about the repair servicing industry in a better way.

2.     Deep Study on Mobile Technology:

The course lets you understand what the new mobile technology all about is! Except reputed hi-tech mobile repairing institute in Model Town, Kingsway Camp another parts of Delhi, very few institutes offer mobile training in India.

3.     Guidance from Expert:

A good learning system starts with support by experienced instructors and industry experts. In this course students receive ample guidance from experts. Further, mobile repairing course in Nangloi has doubt and other special classes.

4.     Start Earning Soon:

Within one month of training, a student can start earning money by repairing mobile software or hardware. With each class and practical, the delegates learn about repairing tips and tricks. They also receive a troubleshooting book so that it is easy to resolve the complex mobile faults.

5.     Learn Using Chip level Repairing Tools

It is worth to learn using chip level repairing tools since it helps in fixing the mobile faults in a faster way! In mobile repairing course in Nangloi, you can use card to chip level tools while repairing in the practical lab. The classes also include using advance level CRO, diagnostic card, etc.

6.     Repair various mobile phones:

By doing these courses, students can repair various phones running on various platforms such as Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc. The course covers the core technology that helps students to repair a variety of phones.

7.     Start personal business:

After gaining the complete knowledge about mobile phone repairing, student can readily start their personal business. Within 3 months of mobile repairing course in Nangloi, a student can earn his daily incomes without investing huge money.     

8.    Apply for Mobile Engineering Jobs:

There are multiple vacancies for mobile engineers, testers, department heads and many more. The annual packages of these professionals vary from one company to other. The minimum package may start from 2 lakh to 10 lakh per annum.

9.     Open a Mobile Training Institute:

In case, you want to enter in the education industry then you can open a mobile training institute offering courses into mobile technology.

10.Lifetime Earning  

Lastly, a mobile repairing course in Nangloi will offer you lifetime earnings. You can pursue part time or full time employment based on your requirement.

Mobile industry is having a bright future and people getting into mobile retailing, servicing or engineering will surely lead a secure life. 

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Troubleshooting Cameras – Mobile Repairing Course Guide

The first thing to do in a party, festival, good mood swing, is to click an awesome picture through mobile camera. Better, the resolution, higher is the quality but what if your camera do not work, get crashed or delivers a blurry picture. You normally go to the shops, but students doing a professional mobile repairing course in Ashok Nagar know how to resolve mobile camera issues.
Mobile repairing course in Ashok Nagar
Troubleshooting Cameras  

Mobile Training for Camera Issues:

In the early days, mobile were having a type of mega pixel models. However, today, with the advent of Smartphone, digital camera integration is getting better each year. Regardless, of the camera design package, the core technology remains the same. It has a lens, image sensor and the processing hardware. The two technologies that are taught during the professional mobile repairing course in Ashok Nagar are CCD (Charged Couple Devices) and CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductors). Amongst the two, CCD is established well in the market.

  • Now, turning on to the repairing side, camera faults are often connected with a soft reset. So, firstly tries to use that on/off method, keeping the battery aside. The phone is hanged and the camera software stops working due to a number of options already opened in the task bar. So, simply turn the phone off and then get it on.

  • The next thing that a student learns during mobile repairing course in Ashok Nagar is to have a look on the software version or the app update need. In case of software version, you can update the mobile since it has the same option in the “Settings.” Rest; there are already installed apps in the system that is supported by the phone hardware. At times, we download app that is too heavy or cause issue in the camera run, so see the last app installed and get it de-installed to check.

Mobile repairing course
Camera Repair
The low-grade mobile phone often uses fixed-focus lenses (polymer lenses). In lower resolution phone, the camera defect is not common as opposed to the high budget phones. Camera repairing is one of the sensitive jobs performed at the repairing centers. Hi-Tech mobile repairing course in Ashok Nagar is known for its training methodology all over Delhi. One can learn repairing not only camera but also all other mobile components. 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How to Choose the Best Mobile Course in Delhi

Big, functional, and optimized Smartphone repairing is not like a game at all. With high-level accessibility comes the need for professional mobile repair training. However, the question is how to choose the best mobile course in Delhi when someone wants to pursue mobile engineering? The typical answer is to join a good institute that polishes your skill for repairing types of mobile components. But, in this article, we will go deep inside the checklist.

Mobile Course in Delhi
Mobile Course in Delhi 
Learning hub or just a mobile Institute?

A mobile institute should be known for its nurtured learning activities instead of a place of gaining only profit from the students. Good training centers have supported staff and highly experienced trainers who provide a real-industry outlook. Mobile course in Delhi in several institutes is known for quality education that makes them the prior choice of the students interested in mobile engineering.

Advance OS Repairing or outdated version:

Mobile Repair Training Mobile repair training for outdated OS versions is nothing but an additional knowledge. For example, if in an institute you are being offered to be trained on Android Beta or Cupcake (API level 3) then you may develop an extra knowledge about the history of the OS. However, it is important to know that mobile course in Delhi the current industry trend covers the repairing of OS Android 5.0 Lollipop, Blackberry 10.3.2 and others. Hence, the mobile repair training must include advance and latest OS based tricks and techniques.  
 Training on the latest equipment

mobile repairing course
In a technical repair, the students must practice training on the latest equipment. This involves training using the cleaning, magnifying, phone opening, soldering and standard tools along with machines. For example, in hi-tech mobile repair training, students are offered training on CRO, hot air gun, etc. This in turn makes the mobile course in Delhi professional and quality driven.   

Any type of technology-based training is all about learning more and more. This is because technology gets change with time and updates. Similarly, if a course on chip or card level mobile repairing is confined towards the modules only then there is nothing special in it. A good course or institute will add-on things that are different from other courses and contributes in the overall development of the student. For example, in hi-tech mobile technology course students learn through special service center visits. It is important to let the students work with technology during the duration of the mobile course in Delhi or at other places. 
Selection is not always good based on the fee, reputation, and popularity factor. The above-mentioned factors also play an important role during the course. A technical course does make a student agile, self-dependent and informed about the industry roles. Hence, select everything right from a course to an institute with caution. Choosing courses without any prior research can become a big waste of money and time as well. For any other information about cell phone repairing tricks and techniques, latest industry trends or mobile course in Delhi, switch to and contact our friendly staff. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

6 Helpful Blog Sites for a Student Enrolled in Mobile Repairing Institute

To become a successful mobile engineer, joining a mobile repairing institute in Azadpur, Model Town, Kingsway Camp or any other place is not enough. This technical field calls for intensive research and knowledge upgrades that can only be fulfilled if a student remains alert as what is happening in the industry.  Here, we bring to you the 6 helpful blog sites that are a good resource for covering informative blogs on mobile technology – repairing, news, updates and other things.
Mobile Repairing Institute in Azadpur
Technical Blogs

1.      Gizmag:

The site is a good resource for tech-based research and news that involves all the latest gadgets right from a mobile launch to a research on battery and other things. On the top-most left hand side, you will get the option for search where you can write the search query in any field. A student enrolled in mobile repairing institute can easily take help from this site and know the industry insights.

2.     PC World:

The name may give you a misconception that you may find news only related to PC that is personal computers, but this is wrong. PC world has different tabs for news, reviews, how–to, video, business, tablets, phones and much more. You can enter into any field based on your interest and can read the informative blogs.    

3.     TechNewsWorld:

Like, PC world, TechNewsWorld also have multiple options to search. However, the major difference is that it has a separate section by the name of Mobile Tech. To get more information, a student pursing a course from a reputed mobile repairing institute can directly go to the Tech Blog option.


It is one of the best technology related news websites. It covers topics such as “Help me Buy,” “Apps”, “Internet,” “Photos” and much more.  You can also search for the Top 10 mobile phones, digital cameras, PC components, printers, laptops, etc. In short, it is a complete hub for technical gadget related news. You can also subscribe for the regular newsletters.

5.     TechCourses4u.Blogpost:

Tech Courses 4u.Blogpost is the site popular among many students mobile repairing institute in Azadpur and other places located in Delhi. This course is quite specific for mobile related applications and the latest news. Each news or blogs covers detailed description according to the industry trends and updates.               

6.     In.Techradar:

It is one of widely followed technology related websites in the world. Techradar is known for its specialized contents on reviews, phones, TV, Cameras, Computing, Gaming, etc. Not even students but those who are interested to take admission in the reputed mobile repairing institute in Azadpur can follow the Tech Blogs.