Monday, 26 October 2015

Samsung Galaxy S7 coming soon in January

Smartphone may come in two versions – Premium & Sub Premium 

Samsung Galaxy S7 

According to the recent reports, Samsung Galaxy S7 will come in the coming January. It would come in two-processor versions- premium (with Exynos M1 processor) and Sub premium. In the Electronic Times News, the premium Samsung Galaxy S7 version will offer an important value for the enterprise buyers. It will have a better processing power for the support of all the background functions. The processing power will ultimately not “grind down” the performance, as per Phil Hochmuth, an analyst at Strategy Analytics.

The premium version will be the chosen by the corporate IT and telecom managers for CYOD (choose-your-own-device) programs. According to Hochmuth, Android and Samsung is looking to challenge Apple in the enterprise. There are several indications such as Samsung’s Knox security protections, Red Hat partnerships, 128-bit full disk encryption; all are the examples of how the Samsung is all set to compete with Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 
The up-coming launch is no doubt quite similar to the low cost iPhone along with high priced iPhones, released back in 2013. Although there is not much news available about the difference between the two phones but it is reported that the premium version features Exynos M1 and not the ARM core. 

The announcement will come in the month of January 2016, which is much earlier. For instance, the Galaxy S6 was released in the March this year. Further, the customers would love to see both Samsung and Apple in the battleground, bringing the best Smartphones in the industry.  


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