Wednesday, 27 May 2015

RAM Installation Process from a Laptop Repairing Course

laptop repairing course
RAM (Random Access Memory) installation is one of the common steps in repairing laptops. A laptop technician may have to upgrade the RAM in order to improve the laptop performance or have to remove since it is not compatible with the system. Here, steps explaining RAM installation process is discussed from a laptop repairing course module.

The Process of RAM Installation:

  • First, arrange for a well-lighted area before heading in the process. Place a small container near the place so that you collect all the small screws into it. If possible, see the diagram steps so that you do not forget anything. Make the toolkit ready and keep it safe above the table.
  •  The second step as per the laptop repairing course module is to turn off the system. Unplug all the peripherals attached to the laptop. Remove the battery, which is located normally in the bottom side of the laptop. 
  •  Now, since the RAM is located to the base of the system hence it is better to turn the laptop upside down. If you need help then you can check the model diagram present in the manufacturer’s manual. You can also revise the notes provided in the laptop repair institute in Delhi.

    laptop repair institute in Delhi
  •  Get yourself free from all the ESD that is electric static charge from the body. This will prevent damaging the chip/components /parts inside the laptop. Take out your toolkit and select the high-precision screwdriver from the same. Always remember to use a screwdriver of high quality and not the local ones available in the market. Cheap tools will damage the screws and the laptop body.
  •  Check the memory modules so that you do not forget the steps while installing the RAM. Easily lift the compartment cover from the system as mentioned in the laptop repairing course module. Remove the existing RAM by pulling the retention clips to the above. Hold the edge and pull it gently without causing damage to the other nearby slots.
  •  Take the new RAM and insert it carefully into the compartment. To insert it, apply a little pressure so that the RAM get fits into the slot. Make sure that the RAM is intact with the clips to the side.
  •  Now, start the assembling process again by placing the cover again. Tighten the screws that you have put in the small container. Reattach all the devices previously plug-in the laptop.

When everything is plug-in as per the laptop repairing course notes, then turn on the laptop system normally. You will notice ample improvement in the processing system of the laptops.

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Steps to Enroll Yourself in Laptop Repairing Course

Enrolling in laptop course is quite similar to the other courses. However, this article has explained the steps wise procedure to help students. Before beginning of the process, it is important to decide the institute and gather as much information as you can. It will assist you in making quick decisions on the admission part for laptop repairing course.

Step 1 - Be Prepared:

The first step is being mentally prepared for the course. You should not think twice after you have made the final decision. Further, get everything handy like the address of the institute and reach well within time. Even if you are having small doubts, you can get them clear after having a discussion with the concerned person.

Step 2 – Decide the Course Type & Curriculum:

You can choose laptop repairing course type based on the personal interest. It could be a card level or a chip level course. However, both the courses are quite different from each other. Some of the laptop training institutes also offer a combination of both the courses. Hence, before going for the final admission make sure that you are well versed with course along with its curriculum.

Step 3 - Register for the Course:

You can get yourself registered for the course. Generally, it happens after the counseling part where people are convinced to pursue laptop repairing course. In case you are already convinced then there is no point of given the registration fee as a token money assuring that you will take the admission.

Step 4 - Take Admission:

It is an important step. You will be asked to fill out a detailed form for identification. This admission form will be inclusive of personal details like home address, parents name, the contact number, and several other things that are part of the institute research. You must fill the accurate details in order to avoid any problems. Also, confirm the fee for card level or chip levellaptop repairing course.

Step 5 - Select the Mode of Payment:

Nowadays, technical institutes offer various modes of payment. You can decide whether you have to pay through cash, cheque, debit card, credit card, EMI or online bank transfer. Many institutes like Hi-tech Institute of Advance Technologies institutes offer various gifts or schemes on one-time payment. Hence, if you are not facing any financial issue you can enjoy the benefits offered to you.

Step 6 - Confirm about the Classes and Study Materials:

After fee submission, confirm the schedule of the classes, center, and study materials. Some institutes provide the study material after the payment itself. While others, provide the support material during laptop repairing course classes.
We hope the above 6 step will help you to plan & execute your laptop course enrollment process in an easy way!

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Introduction of Laptop Motherboard Repair Training in Delhi

In this blog, I am covering the introduction session on laptop training. It is like a short tour to the course that will let you know what is laptop repairing and motherboard. So, let us start with the course details.

laptop motherboard repair training in Delhi
laptop motherboard repair training in Delhi
Laptop motherboard repair training in Delhi is vocational course. It deals with all types laptop troubleshooting techniques followed in the industry. The course has both practical and theory classes based on the latest syllabus. It has concepts like generations/history of laptops, laptop components, motherboard detailed study, Operating system installation/de-installation, etc. Special training on various tools and equipment is provided to the students. Therefore, all this will make a student familiar with the laptop technology!

The Motherboard Session:

If you want to become an expert laptop engineer then motherboard training is very important. There are special sessions on motherboards that take a few weeks to get complete. I have compiled some of the basic information about the motherboard. The first question is to understand what is a motherboard. You will find a technical definition of the term from anywhere but for simple understanding, it is the main component of the laptop responsible for the overall working of the system. It helps in keeping the flow of the flow of information. For a detail description on laptop motherboard repair training, follow books and notes. Rest, usually the study of the motherboard is inclusive of:

  • Components intro
  • The main signals of motherboard
  • The Chips – Power chip, IO chip, CPU chip, etc.
  • Identification & Testing the components
  • The process of Soldering and De-Soldering
  • Fault Finding and much more.

To be frank, chip level laptop repairing institute in Delhi is more about focusing on the core practical concepts in a row. For the same you may to attend the classes for training on:

  • CRO Oscilloscope
  • Debug Card
  • EEPROM Programmer
  • BGA Soldering Station
  • BIOS Programmer

Most of the repairing institute provides laptop motherboard repair training using various motherboards. Earlier, the industry was having just a few manufacturers and hence they were quite similar to each other. But, today there are a number manufacturers hence it is important to achieve expertise in repairing Intel, Dell, ECS, MSI, ASUS, etc motherboards. For more details about the course details, you can also read online about laptop repairing courses. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Commonly used tools in chip level laptop repairing course

Repairing a laptop on a chip level requires a complete knowledge of laptop technology. The syllabus of laptop repairing course at chip level especially covers the motherboard section. This section is vast and requires a number of chip level basic tools to move ahead in the repairing process. In this blog, we will discuss commonly used tools in chip level laptop repairing.

laptop repairing course
Chip Level Basic Tools:

Since, it is a technical course, therefore, use of different tools and equipment is quite common. For ease, these tools fall under various categories:

  • Hardware Tools
  • Chip Level Repair Tools
  • Testing Tools/Equipment
  • Hardware Spares (Needed in Repairing Process)
  • Laptop Accessories
  • Advanced Tools and Machines

It is easy to remember the name, use, working and handling techniques of the tools if they are carefully segregated. In laptop repairing course, special classes are arranged to make the students familiar with all the tools.

 Soldering Iron:

laptop repairing course
It is used in the soldering process while repairing laptops. They came in various shapes and sizes in the market. It works as the heat giving tool that melts the solder and maintains the flow between two elements/work pieces. It has an insulated handle along with a metal tip that is heated (electrically). There are cordless irons also available in the market. They are extremely helpful in electronic components assembly or repairing.  

Magnifying Lens (Lamp):

Magnifying lens as the name suggest is used to see the things clearly while repairing the laptop sections. Normally, most of the technician in laptop repairing course use two type of magnifying lens/glass – one is small handheld and the second one has a headset with multi- LED lamp and 4 lenses which can be adjusted easily. The main motive of using these magnifying lenses is that people can easily see the components during repairing.

Heat Gun/Hot Air Gun:

The heat gun is having a shape of a gun and emits a powerful stream of hot air maximum up to 1400 degree Fahrenheit. A nozzle in the front directs the hot air, which can be controlled at different temperatures and airflow. Thes
e are often called as hot air station. The heat gun is normally used to de-solder the small electronic components or rework the SMD components in chip level laptop repairing course.

Liquid Flux:

Liquid flux smoothness the solder parts onto the pad areas. You will find this liquid in a bottle with dropper and as a pen applicator. It is better and safe to use pen style flux by first shaking it then dabbing it after which you have to apply it on the component. It is mostly used in the process of GPU re-flow in chip level laptop training.

The above tools are the basic tools used in chip level laptop repairing courses in Delhi. Apart from it, there are testing tools and advance tools that are important to complete the chip level troubleshooting. 

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Why you should check mobile repairing course syllabus before pursuing the mobile course?

Download Mobile Repairing Course Syllabus

There are a number of technical institutes offering a diploma in mobile courses in Delhi. However, it is also true that not every institute will provide 100% quality training. In order to analyze the institute quality and reputation, you can go and check mobile repairing course syllabus before pursuing the course. Now, you must be thinking how a course syllabus can help you take a right decision. To know the answer, read the blog further.

mobile repairing books

Essential points of mobile repairing course syllabus   

·  Concept Comparison:

By viewing the entire syllabus, you can easily compare the course concepts of one institute from the other. For example, good institutes will update their syllabus according to what is new in the mobile technology. If the mobile repairing course syllabus does not include the study on the latest operating systems, Chinese mobile repairing, etc., then the course is based on old concepts.     

For download mobile repairing course syllbus PDF- Click Here

· Duration of Practical & Theory Classes:

Repairing of cell phones is a technical skill development course. The learning process includes practical & theory classes divided into various modules. While choosing the course you must check the mobile course syllabus so that you can analyze:

ü  Number of course modules
ü  Number of practical classes in each module
ü  Number of theory classes in each module
ü  Subjects covered in both sessions

·        Live Training Included or Not?

Competition is everywhere! If you need to have that extra factor in you to excel in live mobile training. In case, the institute provides you live mobile training or arrange for service center visits, then you are at a good learning center. The real mobile industry is quite different from the institute. Therefore, it is important for a student to go through the mobile repairing course syllabus to know what kind of real hands-on experience will be given to him. Normally, live training sessions or visits are arranged at the end of the course month.

·        Is there any Special Classes for Students

Apart from regular classes, make sure that you are given some special training like on BGA machine, practical handset repairing, tips for service center working and many more. Many institutes provide troubleshooting guide along with mobile repairing books to make a student well versed in all sorts of cell phone repairing. The best live example of special classes is Hitech Institute of Advance Technologies. They provide classes on personality development, English training, job and business tips to help students in every possible way!

The curriculum of a course tells us a lot about it. Although, it is difficult to analyze the training session but by analyzing the mobile repairing course syllabus you can get some idea about the type of learning on which a mobile repair institute focuses. So, it’s my humble request to all of you to check the course details, have reviews on the same and then decide the course type with the institute for a bright future ahead!

Friday, 8 May 2015

How Mobile Repairing Course will help you survive in the mobile repair industry

Are you planning to enter the mobile repair industry? If yes, then this blog is a perfect guide for you. Here, I will explain how the mobile repairing course will help you to survive in the mobile industry. The only thing you have to do is to check out the various points mentioned.

mobile repairing tutorial
·         A Professional Diploma Course:

Any industry be it a computer, laptop or mobile, look forward to persons having a professional diploma in the field. If you think you can survive without having any mobile training then you are wrong. The diploma in the mobile repairing course will tell you everything about the industry working that can help you throughout your life. A professional education is something different and a local training is different. Hence, make sure that if you are heading towards the mobile repair industry then pursuing a mobile phone course is a right decision.

·         Latest Updates from the Industry:

Surviving in the mobile industry is somewhere linked to the fact that how much are you aware of the mobile domain. The knowledge will automatically come if you do the course. This is because there are classes on every concept that are must to know. Further, after the course, support is given by providing the toolkit, mobile repairing software CDs, and other things.

·         Flexible Use of Mobile Repair Tools:

It is very important to have flexibility in using different kinds of mobile repair tools including a digital ammeter, CRO, toolkit, IRDA SMD machine, DC power supply, and much more. Unless and until you have the ease of handling the modern machines, and tools you would not be able to survive in the industry. However, students pursuing 3 to 6 months of mobile repairing course can easily learn using every equipment in their practical class.

·         Future Assistance:

In the industry of mobile repairing, you will need assistance while running the service shop, or repairing a handset. Mobile courses will give you future support through mobile repairing tutorials, CDs, books, and videos, etc. Further, there are institutes that offer lifetime support to their students.

If you expect to achieve excellence in the mobile industry, it is important to go for a professional mobile repairing course that will keep you updated with the industry news, latest mobile tools, and their use. By this, you have chances not only to survive but also to make an impression in the industry!

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Importance of Laptop Repairing Course PDF

While I was getting laptop training in my institute, I never thought that a laptop repairing course PDF could be so important. Like others, I used to neglect my notes made during the practical classes and sessions. However, today being a course instructor I am totally dependent upon the PDF. Well, the story goes same for all be it a student, trainer, or a professional and even for the person looking forward to join the course.

What is Laptop Repairing Course PDF?

We all know that PDF is an electronic file format that lets you see, navigate, save, print and forward the file document in intended format only. Laptop repairing course PDF is also an electronic format file that is inclusive of information related to the course. The best part is that you can read everything about the laptop repairing course syllabus anywhere and anytime on your computer, mobile or tab using the adobe acrobat reader. However, the question arises that what is the importance of laptop repairing course Pdf. To know this, I want you to scroll down to the below points:

Helpful For Students:

Students are at a great advantage with this course PDF. They can easily analyze how many concepts have they completed, or what more subjects are left in the course. Further, accordingly they can prepare themselves for the exams or practical. They can also share or forward the laptop repairing course PDF to their friends.

Helpful For Course Trainers:

Being a laptop trainer, I take help of this PDF while providing training sessions. I prepare my content based on the modules mentioned in the laptop repairing course syllabus. For example, I know that after laptop accessories, I have to cover the concept of laptop repair tools in a row. It is important for a trainer to provide training strictly according to the laptop course.

Helpful For Professionals:

Professionals always look for comprehensive solutions. If they were interested in the course of laptop repairing in Delhi, they would definitely ask about the course syllabus. At that time, telling everything verbally is not possible. Hence, laptop repairing course PDF is either send to the e-mail or a printout of PDF is given to the query as a reference.  

Helpful For Reputation Building:

Apart from a reference, laptop course PDF is helpful in building the reputation of the institute. It tells about the professional level of the institute in dealing with students online and offline. A number of laptop institute provide complete information about the history, courses, syllabus, along with laptop repairing course fees. To conclude, I have found laptop repairing course PDF extremely helpful and important!

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Learn DC Power Jack Troubleshoot in Laptop Repairing Institute

DC power jack (Direct Connector) problem in a laptop is quite common. The power jack is delicate and if someone trips on the wire, it may be easily damaged. Most of the time, the DC power jack is not interchangeable. In this blog, I will share some tips from laptop repairing institute in Delhi focusing on how to troubleshoot DC jack issues.
laptop repair training

Why DC Power Jack Damages?

DC power jack soldering is done directly to the motherboard. Usually, three or four pins are used to hold the jack on its place, which makes it quite prone to damages. If anyone pulls the jack, it can hamper any of the pins causing dislodging. This can break the solder that holds the jack firmly. The second reason, which I came to know during laptop repair training, is that the bad electrical connection. Nowadays laptop uses more than 70W power to operate. If the connection is not good then power jack can spark damaging the pins due to heating or even burning. If we do not take caution at the right time then it may also affect the motherboard leading to a fire hazard.

laptop repairing institute in Delhi


How to judge DC power jack failure?       

To avoid the above hazard, it is important first to judge the DC power jack failure. Below are some of the symptoms as told to me in my laptop repairing institute.

    Flickering of the screen:

It means that whenever you plug the cord in power the screen flickers with changing brightness level.

Improper battery charging:

If the battery stays half charged even if you have not plugged out the power adapter, it means there is some problem with DC jack.

Burning smell from the DC Jack:

We should never ignore this crucial symptom. If you feel a burning smell or a kind of scratching sound coming from DC power, immediately power off the laptop.

However, in many of Apple laptops, Dell laptops the DC power jack have three pin and is attached away from the laptop motherboard. You can also test whether the DC jack is broken or not. I came to know about this technique during my laptop training. It includes steps like removing the laptop battery, plugging the cord again and then starting the laptop. As we start the laptop, slowly jiggle the plug. If the system shuts down then you need to repair your DC power jack. In laptop repairing institutes, students learn how to troubleshoot DC power jack by soldering it again. If you need to know more, stay connected to my future blogs! 

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