Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mobile Repairing Institute – Providing the Best Means to Earn

Mobile repairing institute in Lajpat Nagar
According to the latest monthly TRAI report, there are in total 975 million of mobile subscribers in India. In May 2015 itself, 2.44 million new subscribers were added which clearly defines the outburst of mobile users and thereby the need of the services. A mobile repairing institute in Lajpat Nagar, Karol Bagh, Ashram, and different places of Delhi is making it easy for these subscribers to avail mobile services from trained engineers.

A number of mobile service centers agreed to the point that with continuously increasing mobile subscribers, the demand of professionals for repairing these handsets is also high. It is not possible to provide in or out of the warranty services to thousands of mobiles in a day, with lesser number of mobile engineers. The mobile training centers in Delhi provide support and contribute to the growing mobile market.

When can you join a Mobile Repairing Institute? 

The work of a cell phone repair engineer is completely technical in nature owing to which students are
required to have a good command over electronics/technical concepts rather than having a good score card or qualification. Further, if a person is well versed in using basic level computers, he can easily join mobile repairing institute in Lajpat Nagar or any other place.  

This means no added qualification, training or degree is required. The mobile repair course is open for all students, professionals or even those looking for means of quick employment.

Mobile Course Fees – Affordable or Expensive:

A mobile course fee structure differs in terms of size, course types and facilities provided by the
institute. It is not necessary that a government institute charging between Rs 5 to 10 thousand for the course will offer all-in-one support. Similarly, a mobile repairing institute charging too high fees will make the future of the student bright. Success in the mobile servicing industry depends on how a student learns, executes, and improves his repairing techniques. On a scale of average, students pay Rs. 20000 to Rs.25000 for a single course, either at card level or a chip level repairing. 

Minimum Investment for Mobile Repair Business 

  • Although, to calculate the minimum investment for a mobile business depends on:
  • Level of service repairs
  • Location of the business – in shop or home
  • Overall business set-up requirements 

One has to consider all the above factors but to ignore investing at a large scale, many institutes help in initiating a small-level repair business. For example, Hi-Tech institute of Advance Technologies offers business support, online and offline both. As soon as you complete the course from a reputed mobile repairing institute, you can start with a small repair services. Earning depends on how many handsets you can repair in a day. 

Earning – Have no limits!

As it was mentioned in the introductory paragraph of this article that there are millions of mobile subscribers – this means that earning through repair services has no limits. There is huge disbalance in mobile owners and mobile services. Subscribers are increasing 4times of the total services, which clearly open-ups earning opportunities after completing the course from a mobile repairing institute.

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