Thursday, 22 October 2015

Mobile Security: Secure Your Smartphone from Unwanted Access

We are dependent on our Smartphones but do forget where you have seen it last! At times, in meetings, parties or even in traffic we are always at the risk of losing our phone that is a real problem. So, the point is what to do to enhance the mobile security or to secure the Smartphone from unwanted access! Well, the first thing is that you can yourself do little things that will automatically restrict the other person from directly using the data.   

Mobile Security

Smartphone Security Tips:

You cannot wait until your phone is lost or snatched to use the security tips. It is better to take the measures much before that. We have put forth the two comprehensive services from Apple and Google, which are especially having security features, helpful on the phone lost.

For Android Phones:.

Android Security

Enable the Android Device Manager on your phone. It has certain helpful options that might help you to track the phone. For example, remotely locate this device, Allow remote lock and erase, scan for security threats, etc.

For Apple Phones:
 iPhone Security
 iPhone Security

Similarly, for Apple phones, you can switch to the iCloud option in which simply toggle-on Find My iPhone and Send my last location options.

The tools offered by both Apple and Android system offers a great security features. Apart from these, many Android Manufactures have their own Apps.

PIN or Finger Lock:

Finger LockGone are days, when you were unable to personalize your phone. Today, you can easily use a PIN code or a Finger Lock. Lock your screen so as nobody can have a direct access into your phone system. Although, these are not a permanent barriers but can stop the other person from using social networking and mail accounts without any hindrance! If you have a bad memory, use the code that is visible to you daily at your home, like the calendar year, your own house number, the first mobile number, etc.

The next thing is to add some of the emergency contacts to the phone screen list. You can go the owner security in the settings app on an Android phone for the same. By using the security settings like Find my iPhone and Android Device Manager you can block your phones by logging into the system from any other device be it a laptop, computer or a tabloid. Further, if you are too rigid to set up any security app then make sure that your social accounts are not sync with the phone or have tight security settings.

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