Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mobile Repairing Institute – Providing the Best Means to Earn

Mobile repairing institute in Lajpat Nagar
According to the latest monthly TRAI report, there are in total 975 million of mobile subscribers in India. In May 2015 itself, 2.44 million new subscribers were added which clearly defines the outburst of mobile users and thereby the need of the services. A mobile repairing institute in Lajpat Nagar, Karol Bagh, Ashram, and different places of Delhi is making it easy for these subscribers to avail mobile services from trained engineers.

A number of mobile service centers agreed to the point that with continuously increasing mobile subscribers, the demand of professionals for repairing these handsets is also high. It is not possible to provide in or out of the warranty services to thousands of mobiles in a day, with lesser number of mobile engineers. The mobile training centers in Delhi provide support and contribute to the growing mobile market.

When can you join a Mobile Repairing Institute? 

The work of a cell phone repair engineer is completely technical in nature owing to which students are
required to have a good command over electronics/technical concepts rather than having a good score card or qualification. Further, if a person is well versed in using basic level computers, he can easily join mobile repairing institute in Lajpat Nagar or any other place.  

This means no added qualification, training or degree is required. The mobile repair course is open for all students, professionals or even those looking for means of quick employment.

Mobile Course Fees – Affordable or Expensive:

A mobile course fee structure differs in terms of size, course types and facilities provided by the
institute. It is not necessary that a government institute charging between Rs 5 to 10 thousand for the course will offer all-in-one support. Similarly, a mobile repairing institute charging too high fees will make the future of the student bright. Success in the mobile servicing industry depends on how a student learns, executes, and improves his repairing techniques. On a scale of average, students pay Rs. 20000 to Rs.25000 for a single course, either at card level or a chip level repairing. 

Minimum Investment for Mobile Repair Business 

  • Although, to calculate the minimum investment for a mobile business depends on:
  • Level of service repairs
  • Location of the business – in shop or home
  • Overall business set-up requirements 

One has to consider all the above factors but to ignore investing at a large scale, many institutes help in initiating a small-level repair business. For example, Hi-Tech institute of Advance Technologies offers business support, online and offline both. As soon as you complete the course from a reputed mobile repairing institute, you can start with a small repair services. Earning depends on how many handsets you can repair in a day. 

Earning – Have no limits!

As it was mentioned in the introductory paragraph of this article that there are millions of mobile subscribers – this means that earning through repair services has no limits. There is huge disbalance in mobile owners and mobile services. Subscribers are increasing 4times of the total services, which clearly open-ups earning opportunities after completing the course from a mobile repairing institute.

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Thursday, 24 September 2015

8 Things that You Would Love about Laptop Training Course in Delhi

It’s good that you are have decided to pursue  laptop training course in Delhi and are ready to learn technical tips to become a laptop engineer. But, before the training finally begins it is worth to know all about 8 things that you would love about laptop course!

Laptop Training Course in Delhi
Laptop Training Course in Delhi
1st : Select the Course Type According To Your Interest

The very first benefit is to select the course type – card, chip or at combo level! This means even in a short-period of course you have the option of deciding what exactly you want to study! Card level laptop training course in Delhi involves basic installation, formatting, partitioning and covers complex issues in the same. While chip level covers advanced repairing of motherboard and chipset in the laptop. So like in degree courses, you have freedom of pursuing this diploma course as well.   

2nd : No Entrance Exam or Education Criteria

While selecting the course no need to present any special education qualification nor you have to clear the entrance test. A basic 10th or 12th class certificate will also work which means that for a skill-development laptop training course in Delhi, there are no separate academic provisions. If you are interested and you have the basic ability to read and write, you are ELIGIBLE!

3rd : Low Fees, Pay in Easy Installments:

High fee structures, additional charges and money for purchasing academic support material can easily add-up to you monthly or even annual expenses. Further, many of you will bear it thinking that yes someday you will recover the same anyhow. The good news is that in laptop training course the fee is highly affordable  and students can pay in easy installments.

4th : Enjoy Working with Latest Tools and Machines:

Next to fees, comes gaining the practical experience by using the latest tools and machines. For tech-savvy students, it is interesting to handle tools, machines and equipment. Use handling, cleaning, repairing and other machines that are related with the troubleshooting of the laptops.  

5th : Do Real-Industry Practical:

The practical, tracing and software lab used during laptop training course in Delhi  help in delivering a completely professional environment. There are trainers and industry experts who are responsible for guiding the students during the sessions.

6th : Start With Your Basic Earning:

Now, this point will get 100% votes since its about earning! As soon as you are aware of the basic level repairing you can start making out your own pocket money. There are several laptop faults that are quite basic in nature and are unnoticed, you can catch them up and repair a laptop charging according the industry slabs or less to offer a more lucrative service. 

7th : Learn Advance-Level Troubleshooting Short-Cuts:

Chip level laptop training course in Delhi covers concepts in which terms like BIOS programs, VRM section, motherboard repairing and much more. The course will let you learn advance level troubleshooting short-cuts that saves time, energy and simultaneously exceeds the speed of repairing.

8th : Invest Less and Get More

The last but not the least, the course is about less investment and getting more that is profit. The fee, time, and energy everything in terms of investment is minimal as compared to the benefits offered by the laptop training course in Delhi.

Whether you are thinking to do a card level or chip level training course, Hi-Tech training in laptop technology is one of the best technical courses. The course opens-up the wide horizons of earning money quite flexibly through personal business or job opportunities! One just has to join laptop repairing institute for the training and explore the best career prospects. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Mobile Repairing Course Guide on Smartphone Batteries

Detail of Different Mobile Batteries of Smartphone

mobile repairing course
Smartphone – the name itself is associated with smart technologies combined in a pocket-sized single gadget. But, like every machine requires fuel to run, smartphones also run on batteries. This article is a mobile repairing course guide on the types, buying tips and future of the mobile phone battery. Although, we do not need to have to go back to the history but for information it is worth to note that Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) were used earlier as premium battery. These two batteries did not catch-up popularity in the market owing to their limitations like – memory effect (NiCd), high maintenance, and limited service life (NiMH). Big thanks! To Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer batteries, that turns the game on. In mobile repairing course, apart from the gadget itself accessories are also given equal importance so that a student excels in the overall mobile technology.

Widely Used Smartphone Batteries:

The current scenario has not shown any drastic change in the mobile battery technology. But, yes, the phone battery is becoming better in terms of maintenance, energy density, flexibility and safety. The list of widely used Smartphone Batteries includes Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer on the top.

Lithium Ion:

mobile repair course
Lithium-ion battery technology is covered in the mobile repairing course since major brands like Micromax, Sony, Motorola and others use it. This battery is comparatively expensive and cannot be used in older handsets. The best part is Li-ion battery requires less maintenance and has high energy density. These batteries are free from any type of “memory effect” phenomena. They are lighter than Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries and have a longer life.

Lithium Polymer:

Advancement in batteries in its true form starts with Lithium Polymer battery technology. In mobile
mobile repair training
repairing course curriculum, Lithium Polymer battery technology is given more emphasis. Its metal case, sleeker design, and ultimate security – are the features that give a boost to Smartphones. In addition, these batteries have 40% higher charging capacity, when ideally compared to NiMH battery having similar size. Further, the battery standard cell formats are in flexible form owing to which they can be produced within economic factors. Several mobile repair institutes focus on designing modules according to what’s new in the mobile technology that helps in staying updated in the industry!

Future Technology of Smartphone Batteries:

The future technology of Smartphone battery is bright as pernew discoveries and mobile repairing course researchers. With bigger screens, additional hi-tech mobile apps, charging will be no longer an issue. In the recent technology update by the Journal of Advanced Materials, it is found that the silicon has x10 times more energy for long-lasting charging. Further, at Berkeley a new polymer has been developed that can provide 8 times more charge as that of lithium. All these discoveries will soon be transforming into a power-packed battery material that can support versatility of the smartphones of this digital age!  

Friday, 11 September 2015

How to Develop Hygiene Habits for Germ Protection While Doing a Laptop Repairing Course

It is quite strange when we ask to develop hygiene habits for germ protection while doing a laptop repairing course. However, it is mandatory to look deep into the germiest job you do every day - to repair a number of laptops, components, and cables. Electronic gadgets whether mobile, PC, tablets or even laptops are dirtier and home of millions of germs which you cannot see with bared eyes! Now, if you are thinking how, then follow the below reasons:
laptop repairing course in Delhi
                        Clear Area Whenever Repair any Laptop 

  • The same laptop is being touched by many students
  • Many times, the laptop components are repaired or replaced but nor disinfected
  • Students, trainers, and other experts during laptop repairing course handle repair works but may forget to use gloves or clean the table.
  • Accumulation of dirt and microbes on the work stations

  • Hygiene Habits for Laptop Technicians:
According to dailymail, the keyboard alone is five times dirtier than a toilet seat, which means anyone tapping on the keyboard for repairing or working is at great risk. Here, we are considering the atmosphere of a laptop repairing institute where thousands of students take admission to know the latest repairing tactics.

A good technician is one who knows everything about laptops- its working, repair tools and techniques along with safety and precaution terms. For example, the laptop repairing course by Hi-Tech Institute of Advanced Technologies is inclusive of all-in-one concepts right from cleaning, repairing, and maintenance. Let us look into some of facts and tips about hygiene habits.
  • 80% of infections spread due to contact with places that are not cleaned.

So, this means that always keeps your desk clean and sanitizes the area properly before you start repairing a laptop at chip or even card level. 

  • 26% of people have faecal bacteria on the hands, E.Coli bacteria can easily get transferred from hands to the equipment
Clean or sanitize your hands in laptop repairing course training, wipe all the tools and equipment using a chemical disinfect. Many times technicians use UV wands – that cleans the exterior or even the interiors of the laptop equipment and components.                                                                                                                       
  • Some Microbes lasts for 72 hours while dangerous MRSA can last up to 7 months!
This suggests that using alcohol or disinfectant for a day or two will not work! Keep a proper routine and make sure that you are following all the hygienic habits. Even after repairing a tool in laptop repairing course or completing the task, always wash the hands and the equipment.

  • 35% of technicians have hand sanitizers & only 5% use gloves!
 The above data reflects that not even half of the total technicians have hand sanitizers on their workstations. Only 5% of gloves users suggest the level of consciousness amongst the technicians.  

Importance of Hygienic Habits for Laptop Technicians

A professional laptop repairing course will make a student learn the importance of hygienic habits. Be, it a shop or a company, one should never take a risk especially when we are exposed to a number of microbes. A good laptop service takes care of everything right from beginning until the end. Laptop users and repair executives, both are the very particular about the quality services that should include hygienic precautions. Further, laptop repairing course and other course trainers pay special attention on how to handle a equipment before and after-use.

It is advisable to follow good habits to avoid contact with microbes that can cause serious diseases. No doubt, being a laptop engineer can make you earn money with pride but taking care of health and hygienic precaution during laptop repairing course is indispensable!