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Seven Guaranteed Earning Ways by Mobile Repair Institute

Earning tricks are easy to find but hard to follow especially when it comes to technical training. Mobile repair institute in Delhi helps students to know seven guaranteed earning ways. These ways are connected with mobile repairing works that are high-in demand. Follow the article, to know more about how to earn easily:

Phone Screen: Repair, Break, Replacement

mobile display repair
Screen Repair

Quite often, we damage the phone screens whether the outer screen, or the inner digitizer. Screen repair is common and engineers can easily earn good money through phone screen replacement. The service takes hardly few hours if tools, machines, new screen, and other items are available. Students or professionals in mobile repair institutes can learn this art or skill of repairing screens to get a good share of income.

Headphone Jack Repair:

earphone repairing
Headphone Repair

Headphone jack wear and tear usually happens owing to the tension created in the wire. The connection gets loose and hence it affects the sound player or the music, call and recording. One can fix the faults in the headphone jack.

Water or Liquid Damage:

water damage mobile institute repairing
Liquid Damage Repair

The water or liquid damage issues are common as we normally keep our phone handy while eating, drinking, or roaming. In mobile repair institutes, students learn how to repair or tackle faults caused by liquid spills. You can earn by soaking the handset in any type of drying agent or solutions that dries out the excessive or harmful liquid.

Battery Related Faults:

Multimedia functions of the phone and over use of the battery can cause faults in the handset. At times, the phones stops charging the battery or the connector are faulty and do not work properly. This can be stopped when an engineer starts checking the battery related faults.

Repairing of Home Button:

mobile repairing home button
Home Button Repair
Hi-Tech mobile repair institute in Delhi focus on enhancing the self-employment capabilities of each of the student. For example, they make a student learn how to repair the home button through which a phone operates well. Constant pressing of the button can generate fault in the phone.

Hardware Repair of the Phone:

A phone or mobile is the hub of many hardware assemblies. These hardware assemblies are interrelated with each other. A single fault can disturb the phone operation. Therefore, customers want quick solution for each type of troubleshooting. You can earn by repairing hardware components or by replacing the same. Follow what you have been told in mobile repair institute training.  

Software Repair of the Phone:

The software repairing is an important service because today smartphones are dependent on the core operating system that is a type of software. Software repairing is not that easy and require in depth knowledge about different mobile OS. By finding fault and repairing the same, a student can earn a minimum of Rs. 500 per day.

The above seven ways are the guaranteed repairing services that can make a student earn soon after he completes his training at mobile repair institute. To know more, stay in touch with Hi-Tech blogs and informative articles.

Who’s The Winner – Lenovo K3 Note Music or Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen?

Monday, 23 November 2015

The Best Samsung Galaxy Series

Various Samsung Galaxy Series

Samsung Galaxy series is always exciting to have! It is one of the searched, trendy, and popular phones amongst the list of Smartphones in India. This Hi-Tech mobile repairing course blog will put a limelight on the best Samsung Galaxy Series.

information of various handsets

Samsung Galaxy S III

mobile training in Delhi
Samsung Galaxy S III

The beautiful tagline that says designed for humans and inspired by nature is enough to allure customers at a glance. It is the perfect amalgamation of intelligence, sharing, greatness, and enhancements. The phone weights 133g and has 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display. Buy it in pebble blue and marble white color. It features by 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 8 Mega Pixel Auto Focus Main, and 1.9 MP Front Camera. Learn repairing this phone from Hi-Tech mobile repairing course in Delhi and earn a lot of money!

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo:

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo mobile repair
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo
The consumer mobile is what on which we enjoy the perfect performance and convenient experience. It has the power to engage you with the multimedia with seamless video and apps. You can open two or more windows on different apps, can easily pop and play, use single-handed operation modified keypad, etc. Through mobile repairing course, you can learn how to repair this model too.

Samsung Galaxy S5:

mobile repairing course in Delhi
Samsung Galaxy S5
Available in 4 royal colors, Samsung Galaxy S5 is designed being water and dust resistance. Now, you can picture without any limits with new HDR richer tones. It has ultra power battery saving mode to operate the phone in low battery. Enjoy heart rate sensor to stay active, share the phone with the kids on the kid mode. Hi-Tech extra classes on mobile repairing course can make you well-versed with this model and the related repairing tips.

Samsung S6 Edge:

mobile training in India
Samsung S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is designed exquisitely for a new look revolution in the mobile design and looks. It is the perfect fusion of glass and the metal, smooth curves with dual display. Right from the aperture to the fast camera, things have been designed to provide a beautiful display in the minds of the people. For the engineers, it is easy to take a call through mobile repairing course classes.

The popular smartphones troubleshooting is important to know as a professional mobile engineer. The series of Samsung Galaxy may encounter a number of problems and one can earn a lot of money by following the quick repair steps.

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Why Mobile Repairing Course is Important for Kanpur Students

Mobile repairing course is for Kanpur

Various students search mobile repairing course in Kanpur. But they do not find any suitable institute there. So they have to move to other cities of state, Uttar Pradesh, While Kanpur is the largest city of the State. Every year millions of students pass out 10th or 12th in Kanpur and step ahead for employment and job. Here joining mobile repairing institute is a good option for them.

Mobile Technology Update 

Significance of mobile repairing course for Kanpur students

Here question is about significance of this course for students. This course keeps number of advantages.  Here I am mentioning some benefits of mobile repairing in Kanpur.

Latest mobile knowledge and repair tricks

Once a student enrolls with this course, he learns number of repairing tricks of mobile including software flashing, part repairing and skills mobile password bricking.  Students also get new mobile technology update from institute. Students of Kanpur can join mobile repairing course whether in Agra, Ghaziabad or Delhi.

Job guarantee

After finishing mobile repairing course students can easily get job in any service center or private mobile repair store. Service center prefer student with certification of mobile course. Institute also conducts placement drive in various companies for students. So enrolling in this course brings happiness in student’s life. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Mobile Repairing Course in Jaipur –Get Professional Mobile Training

Institute of mobile repairing course in Jaipur

In the present education age, there is a movement of learning things professionally. And students want to join profession mobile repairing course in Jaipur too. And for learning this course you have to find a most excellent mobile repairing institute. Hi-Tech is the institute that gives perfect training to students. This institution offers actually an expert level mobile course within the premises. Specialist faculty and trainers help a learner to get all about a mobile in deep. No doubts as the accessibility of internet, mobile repair training online are also becoming trendy but attending a class is a different experience!

How mobile repairing course in Jaipur can assist you to become a mobile technician

mobile repairing course in Rajasthan
Mobile Repairing

Jaipur is the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan and also known as Pink city. But here we are concerning about education and training in this city. Students of Jaipur looking for best diploma course in city especially after passing 12th. Now mobile repair training is best option for them.

Structured Mobile Training:

A mobile course syllabus is structured in proper way and contains a range of classes focusing on basic introduction, working of operating system, mobile software updating issues, and hardware problems. If a learner wishes to learn every concept, he must give time on every issue. Being a learner of initial level, this is a quite difficult and time consuming task to do. While, by joining a mobile repairing course, a learner has to follow the syllabus recommended by any mobile repairing institute in Jaipur.

Be a member of a group of Learning & Sharing:

For getting more knowledge professionals share their knowledge via social media group or by other communicating mediums. Try to be a member of such groups. In these groups students or professionals share knowledgeable data, notes and many things. A new student can take experience from other senior students of mobile repairing course in Jaipur.

mobile repairing training in rajasthan
Choosing mobile repairing as a career option is possibly a good option for a good and secure future. That’s why number of count increases in Jaipur who are wishing to join mobile repair course. 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

5 Sources to Learn Laptop Repairing Tricks

Various mediums of Learning Laptop Repairing

With different series of laptops, configuration and structure comes the challenge of troubleshooting for the laptop engineers or the people interested in laptop repairs. In this particular article, we have discussed about the 5 sources to learn laptop repairing tricks.

Consider some recourse Learning

Laptop Repair Books:

Laptop Repair Books

Books are for sure the best friends of the learner. You can get these books online or offline from a store. There is no need to go for specific authors, because laptop books are generally technical in nature. Other things that are worth to discuss about is that one can join a course on laptop technology and can easily learn laptop repairing tricks.  

Online Laptop Tutorials:

Online Laptop Tutorials

Follow online laptop tutorials – whether content or video to gain knowledge. Most of the time, a particular tutorial is based on a specific laptop model. Hence, if you are sure about the model number then simply search for the online tutorials with problem type. You can also go for specific brands or series for one type of issue. Online laptop help is one of the best ways to learn laptop repairing tricks.

Service Centers:

The service centers are the hub of professional repairing of laptops along with accessories. Most of the people get their laptop services done from reputed centers only. If you have a deep interest in the laptop engineering then you can also apply for job in the centers on the best suitable post. On the other hand, if you are already trained in laptop course then it is best to select the best service centers in the city. To learn laptop repairing tricks, follow the standard steps as told in the center.

Troubleshooting Guides:

If you have ever noticed then there are several troubleshooting guides available with the laptop models. These guides provide help to resolve some of the most common issues in the laptops. Later, the guides mention only safe and standard steps recommended by the company or the brand itself. However, today, you can find these guides online as well, which have a separate place for forums and questions. You can take help from these troubleshooting guides to learn laptop repairing tips and instructions.

Through Online Courses:

laptop institute training
Through Online Courses

With online courses, a student and a professional both can manage his time. Like in a physical world, you can select basic, advance or combo hi-tech courses on laptop technology. There are several institutions offering fast track courses online on laptop repairs. Rest, you can also ask question or interact with the tutor for clearing doubts.

It is true that the world is a hub of knowledge and sharing that knowledge is too easy! With growing technology, one can learn laptop repairing, mobile repairing and other technical tricks and tips without much difficulty. To know more, kindly stay updated with Hi-Tech blogs and articles. 

Friday, 13 November 2015

Mobile Repairing Course in Chandigarh – Learn Mobile training in 3 months!

Hi-Tech Mobile repairing course in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a union territory known as the capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana. Students who are looking for mobile repairing course in Chandigarh have opportunity to learn this course in 90 days from various branches of Hi-Tech institutes available in Punjab. Here everyone will ask why we are specific about mobile training. So there are number are reason to choose this course.  There are number of courses in the list but mobile repair training comparatively more career oriented and available in less expenditure.
Mobile Training 

Being a Mobile technician with Mobile Repairing Course:

Generally an engineering course takes 4 year to get complete. Same as polytechnic diploma courses also take 2 to 3 year. But people require wants short term courses in less charge. And if we compare all these courses with mobile repairing course in Chandigarh, it takes only 3 months. Even this training course is also available in fast track one month course. But complete three month course is really good for knowledge and practical training.

Mobile training offers the same benefits as Engineering Course?

Mobile Repairing in Chandigarh

Mobile repairing course in Chandigarh covers the main concepts of fixing that help an engineer to repair a phone. If you have good practical knowledge with industry experience you can earn money same as other or polytechnic engineers. In addition if you have your own business then there is not any earning bar. You can earn as much as you work hard. People charge two to three hundred bucks for changing mobile guard or lamination. So there are number of possibilities to earn good money after this training course.

Join Only Recommended Institutes:

Chandigarh is a major city and Chandigarh’s students are always ready to grab opportunity. And it is right that mobile training is favorable for students who wish for earn quickly by developing mobile repair skills but before choosing institute you should be careful. You should choose mobile repairing course in Chandigarh on behalf of good infrastructure, practical class schedule, and placement facility. Hi-Tech Institute of Advance Technologies is clearly falls in category of good institute. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Students are getting attract towards Mobile repairing Course in Punjab

Hi-Tech Mobile Repairing Course

Students are looking mobile repairing course as an option for source of employment. Here I tried to explain how? Every individual state of India is developing and development means better fatalities in hospital, training centers, colleges and more employment. The dame way every day Punjab is also getting progress in every field including training and education. So students are eagerly coming to join mobile repairing course in Punjab.

Why should a student join mobile repairing course in Punjab?

Students find mobile training useful. Why? If we start to count benefits, there would not any end. 

Employment Opportunities:

mobile repairing institute in Punjab
Employment Opportunities

There are lots of opportunities after getting this mobile course in Punjab. Every local place generate requirement of one or two mobile engineers. And now various mobile manufacturer companies installing their service center in Punjab so always require skilled mobile engineers.             

Assured return:

Mobile training gives chance to earn back your invested money. The question is “How”?
This course completes in three to six month and if you were serious about your training in training days you can easily get a good mobile repairing job. Various institutes including Hi-Tech mobile repairing institute provide placement support for students. They have their relations with service center where they recommend students.

Career Growth:

mobile institute
Career Growth

There are lots of career opportunities once you completed mobile repairing course in Punjab. This is because mobile industry continuously growing and if we consider stats coming from various survey. There will be boom in this industry in coming years, so there will also require mobile engineers.

Business Opportunities:

mobile repairing institute and shop
Business Opportunities

Once you finish this course you are able to open mobile repairing shop. There are various places in Punjab where people require mobile repairing service near to their home. Institutes from where a student learn course also provide special training of open and run business.

Monday, 9 November 2015

5 Best Sites for Students doing a Laptop Repairing Course

Laptop Repairing Student: Update Yourself With These Sites

To stay update – is the success mantra for students doing a laptop repairing course. The reason being laptop technology is the key to learn the latest repairing tricks. A good laptop engineer can easily maximize his earnings by following the trends and by achieving expertise in the same. However, to do the same, you must follow the 5 best sites for the students pursuing laptop technology course in Delhi.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends 

This is an all-in-one computing site following the latest trends and news for the laptop repairing course students. It has extreme product reviews, news, videos, features, deals, best of everything, etc. The huge social network can compel you to connect through newsletters, updates and other things.



With an interesting name, the site is also interesting to follow technology-tested news. It has special Phones, TVs, Camera, and Reviews for complete gadget freak person. It also has a section on gaming and buy@Amazon. The site is complete and provides knowledge about the latest gadgets and reviews.



A clean layout with big buttons, news, laptops reviews and much more – is all about the PCmag. Right from the trending stuff to opinions tips and everything, PCmag is one of the best sites. As it is mostly concentrated on PC, students pursuing laptop repairing will reap the benefits.



The name is enough to tell that the site covers almost everything about Computerworld. It has covered cloud computing, hardware, IT management, internet and other stuff the under separate stuff. You can also subscribe for the latest stories. Go for the top bloggers with names and stories along with editor’s picks.
Surprisingly, hi-tech engineers, researchers, and students manage this blog. The blog covers, phone, laptop, windows or app launches whether related to mobile or laptop technology. Laptop repairing course is technical and the blog is a technical news guide for those who want to update their knowledge.

Besides, these 5 sites, there are other sites as well which are helpful for the clients. To know more about the blog sites on laptop repairing classes, stay updated with us. 

Friday, 6 November 2015

How to Start your Own Mobile Repairing Work in 4 Easy Steps?

Begin your own mobile repairing work

Do you have any idea as how to initiate services to repair cell phones in Delhi? Students or even professionals often get confused as how to start mobile repairing work on completion of their basic or advance level mobile training. Below we have mentioned 5 easy steps that might help you.

Select The Service Type & Solution Offered:

The first thing to do when you are offering the mobile services is to decide the service type and the solution. For instance, you may wish to choose:
  • Door-To-Door Service
  • Self-Service from the Shop
  • On-line Help
Also, concentrate and segregate the kind and level of services. The best option will be to design an attractive SEO friendly website featuring the strength and mobile repairing solutions.

Receive the Faulty Handset:

The second step is to receive the faulty handset either by sending your own executive to the customer’s house or by asking customers to deliver the device themselves. However, before taking the device make sure that what are your limitations or what is required to the do to resolve the issue. For example, if a cell phone is having any serious software issue then you must have the authentic software license CDs for installation/reinstallation or virus removal. In mobile repairing courses, students are trained as how to use these CDs or helpful guides in the troubleshooting process.

Assurance for Quick Fix:

The next step is to provide assurance for quick fix or repairing. Every customer wants to receive service that takes less time and provide maximum quality. When you take on any project or work, make sure that you are going to complete that work within the stipulated time. Provide the receipts to the customer to avoid any confusion. Professional mobile repairing comes with responsibility of building a brand with trust and customer’s loyalty.

Fast Return, Alluring Offers and Returns:

Lastly, while providing the phone back to the customer make a good impression. Provide alluring offers and schemes related to the mobile or its accessories. Many mobile repair shops does offer discounts on buying a particular handset or accessory. Whether in service or in product, it is good if you offer something that attracts customer to the shop or the services.

Mobile repairing business no doubt faces competition, but with the growing demand and good returns, starting own repair services is a good idea. Take help of the institute from which you have done the course or consult an experienced person. Hi-Tech mobile institute provide complete business support to the students who want to make money by handling personal level business in the industry.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Who’s The Winner – Lenovo K3 Note Music or Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen?

Comparison of Lenovo K3 or Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen?

The race for the winner amongst the new mobiles in India – Lenovo K3 Note Music and Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen is heating up soon! Let us try to find out which one has the better feature and who wins the game.

Lenovo K3 Note Music                                     

Launched on 20th Oct                                                                                                
OS is Android 5.0
Camera is 13MP
Display is 5.5 inches
Processor features 1.7 GHz Octa Core  
RAM is 2GB  

If you were already the fan of previous Lenovo K3 Note then you would love the new version with enhanced sound qualities. Surely, it is very much like Lenovo K3 Note except that it has additionally an AnyWoofer Technology Ceramic speaker that makes a big, clear and quality sound!

Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen)

Our second competition between the new mobiles in India, we have Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen) 16 GB.
Launched on 28 July 2015
OS is Android 5.1
Camera is 13 MP
Display is 5 inches
Processor Features 1.4 GHz Quad Core
RAM is 2GB

The big battle between the two phones starts with the price range itself. Both the phones are priced at Rs. 12999/- in India. So, let us get deep into each of the features of both the mobiles to help you know which one is better than the other.


The two new mobiles in India – Motorola and Lenovo are different in design, curves, and slim profile. Lenovo K3 Note Music looks slimmer; Moto G is curved from the four ends like its other phones from the Motorola family. From users point of view color choices are made available in both the models. For example in the Lenovo K3 Note Music, there are colors like Pearl White, Laser Yellow, and Onyx Black while in Motorola offers replacement and flip covers for which you have to pay. K3 Note Music weighs 150 g and Motorola G 155 g. The point to be considered is that Moto G is water resistant. In terms of display of these two new mobiles in India, K3 note has 5-inch full HD screen and Moto G has 5-inch HD IPS display with Gorilla Glass 3.  


K3 Note Music has MediaTek octa-core processor with runs with 2GB RAM. It has an internal storage of 16GB, expandable up 32GB with a MicroSD card. If we talk about Motorola Moto G 3rd Generation, it has Snapdragon 410 with 1,4GHz that runs 2GB RAM. The internal memory stands at 16GB, of course expandable by another 32 GB. Surely, from the two new mobiles in India, Lenovo K3 Note is the winner with such an amazing processor.   


The Motorola Moto G runs on Android Lollipop while the other on Android Lollipop with Vibe (Lenovo’s) UI. In short, Lenovo can get turn anything into sound amplifier. In terms of battery, Motorola has 2470 mAh battery while K3 Note Music has 3000 mAh battery.



The Lenovo K3 Note Music Edition has 13 MP cameras but with features like autofocus, touch focus, smile detection, face beauty, video recording and much more. Further, Motorola G as one of the new mobiles in India also has 13MP camera with F/2.0 (aperture), auto-focus, HDR, video recording at 1080 at 30fps. However, it also has a 5 MP front camera. 

Monday, 2 November 2015

How to Replace Samsung Galaxy Back Camera?

Repair Samsung Galaxy Back Camera

Known for its fantastic display, Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the hottest phones gaining popularity this season. But, what if the back camera of phones requires quick fixes or replacement? Hi-Tech mobile repairing course blog will help you know simple tips as how to replace Samsung Galaxy Back Camera. The best thing is you can use the tricks for all types of S5 Samsung models.
Samsung Galaxy Back Camera
Samsung Galaxy Back Camera

Steps for the Back Camera Replacement:

1. Firstly, remove the battery back cover and take the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone battery out of the phone. Now, carefully take the hot air gun on low. The approximate time can be up to 45 seconds.
Samsung Galaxy

2.Now, slowly use the pry tool to uplift the metal that holds the camera glass in the position. Use a sharp tool not the one that will damage the metal.
back camera repair

3.Again, with the help of the pry tool remove the camera lens. The technique is commonly followed during mobile repairing course in the good institutes.
camera repair of samsung

After removing the camera, put the new back camera fit at the place. Now, similarly heat the hot air gun and repeat the steps as told in the above.

Precautions must to be taken:

While performing the camera lens replacement it is must to take certain precautions such as:

  • Always use quality tools for opening the phone. Based on the function, you can select the tool range, size and the shape without any issue.
  • Take care as how much temperature is required for the particular function. In hot air gun, one can manage the temperature without any issue.
  • Make sure that the camera is placed rightly inside the metal otherwise the sensors will not work at all.

Common Camera Issues in Samsung Galaxy S5

There are certain Samsung Galaxy S5 issues that are common in the phone.
  • Camera Failed:

To solve the issue of camera fail, students while doing mobile repairing course simply start from the basic step that is the phone restart option. Go to the settings and then Application Manager and then select the camera app to clear cache and clear data.

  • A Slow Camera:

Now, tap on the gear icon on the bottom left then get the picture stabilization off. It improves the low picture quality hence if the lightning is good than no needed to get the stabilization on.

  • Glitch in Deleting the Photos:

It’s better to keep the photo backup to avoid filling up the gallery space. However, if you don’t want to back up the photos then go to the setting app and turn the auto backup off.
samsung camera repair

Camera is an important part and feature of the phone. It has to work in a perfect mode, no matter what. If you are unable to fix the camera issue, better go to the specialists. Hi-Tech mobile repairing institute provide training to the students in the mobile technology to enter the large, profitable and growing mobile service industry.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

5 Reasons to join Hi-Tech Mobile Repairing Course in Noida

Hi-Tech Mobile Repairing Course in (Noida) Uttar Pradesh

NOIDA – New Okhla Industrial Development Authority is one of the popular Delhi NCR regions that are hub of offices, residential area and service centers. When it comes to education courses choices one course that is attracting students living in NCR area is Hi-Tech mobile repairing course in Noida. The course name suggests that it is a technical type of training. However, the training is easy-to-learn for students, professionals and even shopkeepers who wish to learn about mobile phone repairing.

Reasons to join Mobile Course in Noida

Like other courses, mobile course also offers quick returns and it depends on the expertise of the students as what to learn and how to succeed in career. Read below and find 5 reasons to join Hi-Tech mobile repairing course in Noida:

Industrial Hub:

mobile repairing course in noida

The city is an industrial hub and occupied with offices, factories and other units. People often look for mobile services nearby. Students who know all about repairing the cell phones can easily provide services whether door-to-door or through shops. Many companies who work on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) also need experts who have completed mobile repairing course in Noida.

Number of Job Opportunities:

Not just the industrial hub factor, but mobile engineering jobs are in big numbers. Right from an executive level to Mobile app Development Company – all need support of expert mobile technician to handle working or operation of the mobile. A person can choose any type or specialty jobs based on area of expertise. 

Easy to start Business:

It is extremely easy to start personal business or take franchise for mobile repair centers. Hi-Tech mobile repairing course in Noida also help such students who want support at the initial level. The students can attend free seminars, workshop to gain knowledge as how to start earning in an easy way!

Quick Returns on Investments:

The mobile course offers quick returns on whatever a student invests during the course. One can earn double or even triple the course fee in the initial years. This course helps you to earn as much as you can. However, it will happen only if you are offering good mobile repair services to the customers. Mobile repairing course in Noida is also known for business assistance and placements.

Secure Career with Growth:

Students can secure their career through mobile technology courses since this industry needs technical expertise and strong marketing skills. There is no need to go and have advance level study for earning a good income.

In short, mobile repairing course in Noida is a specialized course that provide students self-employment even if they are not able to score good marks in their 10th and 12th.    

How to Develop Hygiene Habits for Germ Protection While Doing a Laptop Repairing Course

Thursday, 29 October 2015

5 Reasons to Learn Mobile Repairing after 12th

Learn Mobile Repairing From Hi-Tech Institute

The entrant of mobile training courses in the education system is the reason why students are quite comfortable while choosing technical vocational courses. When it comes to jobs that interest students, mobile engineering, fashion designing and others scores well. In this article, 5 reasons to learn mobile repairing after 12th are covered through examples.

1. Mobile Servicing: Flexible & Growing

As per CAGR, the mobile industry is growing at the high rate of 30% since 1995. When we talk about mobile subscribers and services, we talk in millions units that is a big achievement. The need of repairing has been constantly increasing owing to Smartphone features that are dependent on technical back-up support. The data service features include several things for which it is important to learn mobile repairing.

2. Mobile Training: Trending Option for Students

mobile repairing

The other reason says that mobile training in Delhi is the trending option for students. After completing 10th or 12th, students often look forward for the career-oriented courses. The course is easy for students interested in engineering or any kind of electronic or electrical work. Also, in this course students can reap additional benefits inclusive of free personality develop classes, practical training with industry exposure. To learn mobile repairing is like getting a job-related training for a better future.

3. Career in Mobile Repairing: Professional with Wide Choices

It is true that a career in mobile repairing comes with professional wide choices in hand. Like other courses, which have sub-subjects to become specialists, mobile repair classes also offer a variety of options. You can choose to work as an OS repair engineer, mobile software repair head, or a complete service engineer. In short, if a student chooses to learn mobile repairing in Delhi than he can work on a particular field later and can easily achieve expertise in the same.

4. Future with Growth Opportunities:

Learn Mobile Repairing

Being a mobile engineer is great achievement, not because it is very difficult stream to choose but it comes with maximum growth opportunities. Just one course certification and your expertise in repairing can make you succeed from an executive to the department head level. If students learn mobile repairing, he has the freedom to start his own business at initial or a big level with less investment. Many students often take franchise of the mobile service centers and provide mobile services to the clients.

5. Investment for Lifetime Returns:

Mobile services calls for investment for lifetime returns. In India, a student had to invest a small amount that covers only the fees and basic requirements to start a business for their own purposes to make a career in mobile service industry. The industry of mobile service is wide and flourishing with a number of handsets and wireless communication. Hence, to learn mobile repairing course in India means that you are making your career and life secure.

Amongst the leading mobile repairing institutes, Hi-Techinstitute is one of the renowned institutes that offer mobile courses to the students within affordable prices. To know more about the institute keeps in touch with us through the blogs and informative articles.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The First Look of Sony Xperia Z5 & Xperia Z5 Premium

Sony Xperia Z5
Sony Xperia Z5 
The festive season in India will see two flagship devices – Sony Xperia Z5 and Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. The first one is Xperia Z5 is upgrade to Xperia Z3+, while Xperia Z5 premium is the world first ever Smartphone with a 4K display on it. The Xperia Z5 is priced at Rs. 52,990 and the other is at Rs. 62,990. To know more about the impression of the two phones refer to the following article.

Build & Design:
Sony Xperia Z5 Design
Sony Xperia Z5 Design

The same story with Sony design having boxy rectangular design with an engraved logo on the left hand side. It has a glossy glass back with an awesome matte appearance. More elegant is the cover of the Xperia Z5 premium Smartphone.

Check out the Display:

Sony Xperia Z5 Display
Sony Xperia Z5 Display 

The Z5 has 5.2 inch full HD IPS display along with the screen resistant coating (oleophobic).Powered by Sony’s X reality engine, the display looks great with viewing angles. On the other hand, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium has 5.5inch 4K display and can upscale look.

Chipset and RAM Storage:

Xperia X5 Premiums features Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and ha 3GB RAM & 32GB storage. You can increase storage by adding in MicroSD card. Although, heating of the phone is still a big problem for some.    

Camera Play:

Sony Xperia Z5 Camera 

Sony smartphones are known for their renowned Camera quality. It has sensors in the phones and with Sony Xperia premium; the company has added brand new 23 MP sensors. This means you can shoot around 4K videos as well, with 5 MP sensor in the front.


Sony Xperia Z5 Battery
Sony Xperia Z5 Battery  

The Xperia Z5 has 2930mAh battery and the premium has 3430mAh battery. The Premium Xperia claims to provide two days for battery life. Now, the question is that how people will review both the phones.