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Why Resetting of Samsung Galaxy S4 Important for Mobile Repairing Course

If you are student of mobile repairing course or you are curious persons who would like to explore their mobile as much as they can. Like keep on installing new applications, downloading new images, docs, and videos, upgrading with a customized ROM. But after some time mobile raise problems like hang, slow performance.

There is something that you can do to help create your New Samsung Galaxy S4 come back to its starting state. Here is solution is difficult resetting of your New Samsung Galaxy S4, but this isn’t the only scenario when this process comes to use. Lots of other scenarios where you use factory reset.
Mobile repairing course
Mobile Repairing Course 
If you share data with someone or you connect your mobile with any computer and any malware and virus affect your mobile then there difficult resetting it truly is once yet again the technique that people are highly suggesting.

If you want sell your mobile and want to clean your own information, all you should do is often a hard fully reset will useful for you.  Before you try to do factory resets, firstly create your data backup to any computer and save data because after factory reset you would not be able to find your data or configuration on your mobile prone. And if you are mobile engineer or an instructor of any mobilerepairing institute then you should be more careful about data backup.
You should keep in mind:

  • Remember a totally reset is often a final stop. It cannot possibly be undone; be sure that this can be what your Samsung S4 really needs, think at least once before start.
  • Factory resetting is not easy to do, if anything wrong happen to your phone then you’re the only responsible person for your mobile’s all conditions. 
  • Once again I would like to inform you that you lost your all data after reset so it is highly recommended that keep your data in any system. And one another step is removing your SD card before resetting. 
  • This guide can be useful only for Samsung Galaxy S4. Don’t apply it to any other hand set.
  • Your S4 must have at least 60% charging backup. If mobile would switch off in between process. It would be harmful for device.

Steps of Hard reset Samsung S4 from recovery Mode
  • In your mobile home screen touch the applications icon in the lower right corner
  • Locate and touch or press the settings option
  • From the upper end with the display press the accounts option
  • In the bottom with the next display screen press the Backup in addition to reset button
  • Press the factory reset
  • Read all information that your display showing and click reset device.
  • If the phone is totally locked up therefore you can’t actually access the menus we have a second strategy for factory resetting the Galaxy s4.
  • Hit and hold the power key to turn off mobile
  • If your device won’t not turn off then eliminate battery
  • Along with your device associated with press and hold the audio up and home key, then without having releasing the two other keys press and hold the power key also.
  • Hold these kinds of three buttons before you can read recovery mode in the upper left corner with the screen. Once you can see it releases the buttons.
  • To navigate the recuperation mode screen use the volume around to go up and down. Use the power button to pick out an option.
In mobile repairing course this method used lots of time so it’s useful for mobile repairing student.

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