Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The best laptop repairing course takes up motherboard repair challenge!

Repairing a laptop motherboard is not as easy as it seems to be! The reason; it is integrated with heavy, light and modern components inside. While being trained in the best laptop repairing course, you might feel it as a challenge! But, this part of the challenge is quite interesting because you never knew whether you have to clear a liquid spill on the motherboard or repair the laptop cooling fan. Always remember that the challenge does not confine itself to the motherboard failure but the type of the motherboard. I know what it means to repair a gaming motherboard Gigabyte GA Z77X-UD5H, a video editing motherboard ASUS PX79 Pro or ASUS Maximus VII Ranger motherboard. 


Motherboard Issues:

Below, I have sum-up common motherboard failure issues. Although, there are a number of causes for failure of motherboards such as no power, improper installation of components, short circuit, BIOS hardware incompatibility and many more. In order to achieve expertise in doing all types of motherboard repairing, joining the best laptop repairing course is the appropriate option.

Liquid Spill via Keyboard

Best Laptop Repairing CourseTo be honest, liquid spill via laptop keyboard to the motherboard is quite common. It takes the time to address the issue and to choose the right solution for the same. Most of the time, when the spill is heavy and spread to the internal components of the motherboard I prefer to replace it instead of repairing. I use to turn off the laptop and disassemble it using high precision screwdrivers. Later, I make use of a clean cloth, toothbrush, alcohol, hot air guns, etc., depending on type of the spill.

Restoring the Data Again:

This is the biggest question mark put on us by the customers after their laptop motherboard stops working. The answer, in a majority is a big yes except in some of the cases. I personally have restored the laptop data into the new hard drives and even on some other laptops. However, if the motherboard encounters major shock damage then this may cause serious problems. Even the best laptop repairing course does not say to replace or repair each motherboard component. If you are not able to get back your laptop work in the same way, it is better to switch to some other laptop.  

Laptop Overheating:

Best Laptop Repairing Institute in Delhi
Laptop overheating is one of the popular reasons behind the failure of the motherboard. I myself have repaired several types of display failures caused by internal motherboard errors. The simplest way to check the failure is to connect the laptop to an external video monitor and analyze the output. If you see no output then the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) has failed. During my training in the laptop repairing institute in Delhi, I learned different techniques to first diagnose the actual problem for motherboard failure. Once you hit the right cause, you will overcome the challenge of repairing motherboards of every type and model. 

According to my views, it is important to understand even the best laptop repairing course cannot guarantee you to succeed as laptop engineer unless you are willing to practice. Technology is moving at a high-speed and to beat the challenge of laptop technology, you have to work hard. 

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