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Tips on how to fix hardware problems in best laptop repairing course

In this post I try to give some tips on how to work all around some popular laptop hardware problems without taking this apart. By the way laptop repair course cover all these issues.

1. LAN port failure.
Most motherboards hold the LAN port permanently affixed. If the LAN port fails (here we only consider only hardware issues), the full motherboard really needs to be replaced.
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External LAN Card
As an alternative of replacing the motherboard, you can use external LAN card. You can by this LAN card from your computer hardware shop. This card is not too expensive.

2. UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS ports inability.
Such kind of valuable information you can only find in best laptop repairing institute inDelhi. Most laptops have a few UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS ports available. If at least one stops doing work, usually it’s no big deal because other are working but what if only one USB por
t is working and you require more here. Here you again are thinking about replacing mother board.

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External USB Ports
But again solution is available here. You can use an external UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS ports. It holds four to five ports or more. But here only one requirement that is you has at least one working port. There can attach it with laptop.

3. Inside WI-FI cards failure.
What are options for if inside Wi-Fi not working?
You could replace the failed Wi-Fi card with a different one. There is again only one requirement you have one free USB port. 
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External Wi-Fi

4. Internal SD card reader inability.
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External Card Reader
Most modern notebook are launching with a flash memory reader. The card reader is soldered on to the motherboard if it fails; you need to be replacing the full motherboard.
Alternatively, you incorporate the use of an exterior USB flash memory reader. All you have to do is select the cards reader to the available UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS port and also it’s good to go. After finishing best laptop repairing course you would able to do all these act self.

5. Inside CD/DVD drive failure.

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External DVD Drive
You’ll find an interior CD/DVD optical drive in most notebooks. If your optical drive failed and also stopped looking at discs, it really needs to be replaced with a new a single.

Instead associated with replacing the failed generate, you incorporate the use of an exterior USB generate. Simply select this drive to the USB port let your laptop detect the drive and also it’s ready for you. Also, you can use this optical generate with another computer that is very convenient. Best laptop repairing course cover solving of all these issues.

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