Friday, 6 November 2015

How to Start your Own Mobile Repairing Work in 4 Easy Steps?

Begin your own mobile repairing work

Do you have any idea as how to initiate services to repair cell phones in Delhi? Students or even professionals often get confused as how to start mobile repairing work on completion of their basic or advance level mobile training. Below we have mentioned 5 easy steps that might help you.

Select The Service Type & Solution Offered:

The first thing to do when you are offering the mobile services is to decide the service type and the solution. For instance, you may wish to choose:
  • Door-To-Door Service
  • Self-Service from the Shop
  • On-line Help
Also, concentrate and segregate the kind and level of services. The best option will be to design an attractive SEO friendly website featuring the strength and mobile repairing solutions.

Receive the Faulty Handset:

The second step is to receive the faulty handset either by sending your own executive to the customer’s house or by asking customers to deliver the device themselves. However, before taking the device make sure that what are your limitations or what is required to the do to resolve the issue. For example, if a cell phone is having any serious software issue then you must have the authentic software license CDs for installation/reinstallation or virus removal. In mobile repairing courses, students are trained as how to use these CDs or helpful guides in the troubleshooting process.

Assurance for Quick Fix:

The next step is to provide assurance for quick fix or repairing. Every customer wants to receive service that takes less time and provide maximum quality. When you take on any project or work, make sure that you are going to complete that work within the stipulated time. Provide the receipts to the customer to avoid any confusion. Professional mobile repairing comes with responsibility of building a brand with trust and customer’s loyalty.

Fast Return, Alluring Offers and Returns:

Lastly, while providing the phone back to the customer make a good impression. Provide alluring offers and schemes related to the mobile or its accessories. Many mobile repair shops does offer discounts on buying a particular handset or accessory. Whether in service or in product, it is good if you offer something that attracts customer to the shop or the services.

Mobile repairing business no doubt faces competition, but with the growing demand and good returns, starting own repair services is a good idea. Take help of the institute from which you have done the course or consult an experienced person. Hi-Tech mobile institute provide complete business support to the students who want to make money by handling personal level business in the industry.


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