Monday, 2 November 2015

How to Replace Samsung Galaxy Back Camera?

Repair Samsung Galaxy Back Camera

Known for its fantastic display, Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the hottest phones gaining popularity this season. But, what if the back camera of phones requires quick fixes or replacement? Hi-Tech mobile repairing course blog will help you know simple tips as how to replace Samsung Galaxy Back Camera. The best thing is you can use the tricks for all types of S5 Samsung models.
Samsung Galaxy Back Camera
Samsung Galaxy Back Camera

Steps for the Back Camera Replacement:

1. Firstly, remove the battery back cover and take the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone battery out of the phone. Now, carefully take the hot air gun on low. The approximate time can be up to 45 seconds.
Samsung Galaxy

2.Now, slowly use the pry tool to uplift the metal that holds the camera glass in the position. Use a sharp tool not the one that will damage the metal.
back camera repair

3.Again, with the help of the pry tool remove the camera lens. The technique is commonly followed during mobile repairing course in the good institutes.
camera repair of samsung

After removing the camera, put the new back camera fit at the place. Now, similarly heat the hot air gun and repeat the steps as told in the above.

Precautions must to be taken:

While performing the camera lens replacement it is must to take certain precautions such as:

  • Always use quality tools for opening the phone. Based on the function, you can select the tool range, size and the shape without any issue.
  • Take care as how much temperature is required for the particular function. In hot air gun, one can manage the temperature without any issue.
  • Make sure that the camera is placed rightly inside the metal otherwise the sensors will not work at all.

Common Camera Issues in Samsung Galaxy S5

There are certain Samsung Galaxy S5 issues that are common in the phone.
  • Camera Failed:

To solve the issue of camera fail, students while doing mobile repairing course simply start from the basic step that is the phone restart option. Go to the settings and then Application Manager and then select the camera app to clear cache and clear data.

  • A Slow Camera:

Now, tap on the gear icon on the bottom left then get the picture stabilization off. It improves the low picture quality hence if the lightning is good than no needed to get the stabilization on.

  • Glitch in Deleting the Photos:

It’s better to keep the photo backup to avoid filling up the gallery space. However, if you don’t want to back up the photos then go to the setting app and turn the auto backup off.
samsung camera repair

Camera is an important part and feature of the phone. It has to work in a perfect mode, no matter what. If you are unable to fix the camera issue, better go to the specialists. Hi-Tech mobile repairing institute provide training to the students in the mobile technology to enter the large, profitable and growing mobile service industry.


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