Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Introduction of Laptop Motherboard Repair Training in Delhi

In this blog, I am covering the introduction session on laptop training. It is like a short tour to the course that will let you know what is laptop repairing and motherboard. So, let us start with the course details.

laptop motherboard repair training in Delhi
laptop motherboard repair training in Delhi
Laptop motherboard repair training in Delhi is vocational course. It deals with all types laptop troubleshooting techniques followed in the industry. The course has both practical and theory classes based on the latest syllabus. It has concepts like generations/history of laptops, laptop components, motherboard detailed study, Operating system installation/de-installation, etc. Special training on various tools and equipment is provided to the students. Therefore, all this will make a student familiar with the laptop technology!

The Motherboard Session:

If you want to become an expert laptop engineer then motherboard training is very important. There are special sessions on motherboards that take a few weeks to get complete. I have compiled some of the basic information about the motherboard. The first question is to understand what is a motherboard. You will find a technical definition of the term from anywhere but for simple understanding, it is the main component of the laptop responsible for the overall working of the system. It helps in keeping the flow of the flow of information. For a detail description on laptop motherboard repair training, follow books and notes. Rest, usually the study of the motherboard is inclusive of:

  • Components intro
  • The main signals of motherboard
  • The Chips – Power chip, IO chip, CPU chip, etc.
  • Identification & Testing the components
  • The process of Soldering and De-Soldering
  • Fault Finding and much more.

To be frank, chip level laptop repairing institute in Delhi is more about focusing on the core practical concepts in a row. For the same you may to attend the classes for training on:

  • CRO Oscilloscope
  • Debug Card
  • EEPROM Programmer
  • BGA Soldering Station
  • BIOS Programmer

Most of the repairing institute provides laptop motherboard repair training using various motherboards. Earlier, the industry was having just a few manufacturers and hence they were quite similar to each other. But, today there are a number manufacturers hence it is important to achieve expertise in repairing Intel, Dell, ECS, MSI, ASUS, etc motherboards. For more details about the course details, you can also read online about laptop repairing courses. 


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