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Learn DC Power Jack Troubleshoot in Laptop Repairing Institute

DC power jack (Direct Connector) problem in a laptop is quite common. The power jack is delicate and if someone trips on the wire, it may be easily damaged. Most of the time, the DC power jack is not interchangeable. In this blog, I will share some tips from laptop repairing institute in Delhi focusing on how to troubleshoot DC jack issues.
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Why DC Power Jack Damages?

DC power jack soldering is done directly to the motherboard. Usually, three or four pins are used to hold the jack on its place, which makes it quite prone to damages. If anyone pulls the jack, it can hamper any of the pins causing dislodging. This can break the solder that holds the jack firmly. The second reason, which I came to know during laptop repair training, is that the bad electrical connection. Nowadays laptop uses more than 70W power to operate. If the connection is not good then power jack can spark damaging the pins due to heating or even burning. If we do not take caution at the right time then it may also affect the motherboard leading to a fire hazard.

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How to judge DC power jack failure?       

To avoid the above hazard, it is important first to judge the DC power jack failure. Below are some of the symptoms as told to me in my laptop repairing institute.

    Flickering of the screen:

It means that whenever you plug the cord in power the screen flickers with changing brightness level.

Improper battery charging:

If the battery stays half charged even if you have not plugged out the power adapter, it means there is some problem with DC jack.

Burning smell from the DC Jack:

We should never ignore this crucial symptom. If you feel a burning smell or a kind of scratching sound coming from DC power, immediately power off the laptop.

However, in many of Apple laptops, Dell laptops the DC power jack have three pin and is attached away from the laptop motherboard. You can also test whether the DC jack is broken or not. I came to know about this technique during my laptop training. It includes steps like removing the laptop battery, plugging the cord again and then starting the laptop. As we start the laptop, slowly jiggle the plug. If the system shuts down then you need to repair your DC power jack. In laptop repairing institutes, students learn how to troubleshoot DC power jack by soldering it again. If you need to know more, stay connected to my future blogs! 

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